The World Dental Congress is a leading event for the FDI (Fédération Dentaire Internationale), reinforcing the ties and promoting alliance within the universal oral wellbeing community. In order to contribute to the practice and science of dentistry, the WDC offers:

  • Cutting-edge technical programme.
  • Interactive mediums encompassing the most pertinent dentistry topics.
  • Dental presentations attended by prominent persons of the oral industry.

Any dentist will want to join the World Dental Congress since it provides an exclusive opportunity to meet with the leaders of the oral profession all across the globe. The following write-up specifies two more major reasons as well as how WDC 2021 will be performed as a virtual event. Please check it out now.

Why Attend the World Dental Congress?

Hone Skills

When you attend the world dental congress, you get the chance to learn about significant clinical trials that can enhance your practice to the greatest extent. Multiple research findings are discussed out here so you come to know what is happening at the moment or will happen down the road. The sessions help you gather the information that you may utilize to your own advantage.

For example, through the World Dental Congress, you may come to know about procedures or products that may come in handy when dealing with patients. Removed from the hectic routine, you can examine new drugs and techniques in a relaxed setting.

Build Career

World Dental Congress extends support for female dentists too. So, any individual can try building his/her career through it. Besides procuring knowledge, you must try marketing your practice and establish relationships with the attendants. Some of the people you meet may be the ones to approve your scholarship or post you in a city you find convenient.

World Dental Congress: Now a Virtual Event

The World Dental Congress of 2021 that was rewarded to Australia by FDI in 2017 will be staged online from 26th September to 29th September, having top-notch exhibitions and programmes featuring renowned talents.

The event, formally known as the ADA FDI World Dental Congress, Special Edition, will go live throughout the world and bring together various dental communities so there can be a rigorous share of knowledge, ideas, and experiences.

The completely virtual and hosted occasion will cover approximately two hundred scientific programme sessions, and it is expected that delegates between 5000 and 8000 will participate from different parts, including Australia.

Dr. Mark Hutton, the President of ADA (Australian Dental Association), which is organizing the World Dental Congress, assured that the dentists and their teams have never experienced anything like this event before.

The shift to a virtual platform was specifically due to the effects of coronavirus. It has made the staging of several events problematic, resulting in either their cancelation or their movement to an online setting.

Do you wish to take part in the WDC and not just be a spectator this year? If yes, please submit the abstract for your oral presentation within 15th April 2021. You may also make posters on categories such as dental treatments, restorative dentistry, preventive dentistry, oral surgery, general dentistry, cancer, and medication.