Dentists play a vital function in the oral health of patients. It is an honorable and influential profession that takes years of practice and training. However, a degree in dentistry is listed as one of the most expensive degrees you can get. So how about promoting your dental practice using dental SEO? Melbourne clinics have achieved incredible success with our unique medical search engine optimisation formulas …

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Despite the heavy costs implied in attending a dental school, the field still provides a more suitable investment as dentists’ reputations increase. Every career has its challenges, and like any other profession, you should take some time to decide if a career in dentistry is worth it. It is also essential to know if there will be a return on investment at the end of the course. If you’re the best dentist in your area, word of mouth will work for you. But if you want to be known widely and clearly as the absolute best dentist or orthodontist, you need to have your dental clinic website ranking at the top of Google consistently and as permanently as possible.

What is the Average Cost of a Dental SEO Program in Melbourne?

Dental school fee structures vary from one school to the other. Some overall factors can affect a students’ education debt after graduation. The average dental school in the United States ranges from $21,600 for an in-state and $64,800 for a non-resident. The figures are exclusive of lab dues, pre-clinical supplies, scrubs, the price of specific exams, and dental kits.

By comparison, dental SEO in Melbourne will cost between $1000+GST per month (Micro Business SEO Program) up to $2000+GST per month (Small Business SEO Program). That’s $12,000 per annum to start catching up to your competitors who have already started their SEO journeys to success, or $24,000+GST per year if you’re serious about getting somewhere profitable in the first year of SEO, and sometimes during that period starting to overtake many of your competitors.

Students take eight years of dental school before being part of a renowned team of dentists. This period includes four years of undergraduate school and four years of dental school. After that, they earn either a Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S) or a Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.D.M).

Just as a Melbourne dental degree and specialised study is like growing an orchard of apple trees, so dental SEO gets better with each passing year, providing it’s done right in the first place. “The second year is a happier year” is the motto we present to potential clients – that’s not saying anything fantastic won’t happen in the first year – it most likely will – it’s saying that whatever revenue gains you achieve in the first year, the second year will be even better, and then each subsequent year will be better and better again.

So of course dental SEO gets quicker results in the smaller Australian cities such as Perth and Adelaide, but the bigger cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane can still be places where the correct, best practice search engine optimisation can yield extraordinary results. 

Some dentists who go ahead to specialise in a specific area of dental care receive an extra 2-4 additional years of training in other medical fields.

Great Reasons for Being a Dentist

Some of the main advantages of being a dentist include:

  1. Service to Others

A dentist helps improve people’s quality of life by improving their oral health. As a dentist, you will spend most of your time helping people, which is very rewarding.

  1. Respected Profession

A dentist is a highly respected and trusted person by the community. Many patients seek medical treatment every day and trust their dentists to deliver the best dental healthcare.

  1. Job Stability

Dentistry is a stable career that is always on demand. As the need for cosmetic dentistry increases, more jobs will be available in the dentistry field.

  1. Self-employment

As a dental practitioner, you have the option of owning your dental practice and be your boss.

  1. Balanced Lifestyle

A career in the dental field allows flexibility. You can balance work, family, and social life. If you own your dental practice, you may choose how many days to work in a week.

  1. Technology and Research

As a dental practitioner, you have the potential to be involved in the scientific research of advanced dental healthcare. You are also prone to be artistic in scientific talents.

These are some of the compelling reasons why dental education is worth the cost. It is a gratifying profession, as well. The truth is, dentistry can be overly burdensome at times. However, the fact that you get to change peoples’ lives for the better drastically is fulfilling in so many ways.