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Auditing your website is paramount for mobile search. Simply having a responsive web design or AMP is not enough.

Be sure to minify your CSS and JS on your mobile design, as well as shrink images, to provide a fast and responsive design.
Finally, one part of the audit that is often overlooked is reevaluating your onsite content strategy. Most industries are dynamic, meaning that new innovations crop up and certain services become obsolete over time.

As the industry currently stands, SEO focuses on acquiring and nurturing leads, while paid media focuses on acquiring and converting leads.

But what if we broke down those silos to create a cohesive message that targeted the buyer at every step of the journey?

As an SEO provider, we have to know what our client’s advertising message is and the keywords you use. Are you promoting the same products/service pages with the same keywords in your paid media department?

There is a lot of insight that SEO consultants can learn from PPC keyword research and landing page performance that can aid them in their own campaign.

Beyond this, Facebook and Twitter’s advertising platforms offer robust audience analysis tools that SEO consultants can use to better understand our client’s customers.

To see more about common SEO mistakes that we like to remind ourselves that even SEO specialists make, click the link.

Now you might be finding, as a dentist or orthodontist, that your website is dead, or dying, or enquiries are slower than an Adelaide tram in a Sydney traffic jam. But, reports of the death of dental websites in particular, would be greatly exaggerated. Eventually even the most off-the-grid dentists figure out that a website is the greatest customer- generation tool there is. The Death of the Website is mythmaking and obfuscation par excellence.

So if you’re seeking an easy solution by selecting the dental SEO Adelaide dentists and orthodontists need to get in the top 5 Google rankings, then an SEO agency who has cracked the Sydney and Melbourne markets – with proof of that success available when you enquire – this is what you need, and if we can get dentists to the top for “cosmetic dentist Melbourne” and over 130 high traffic dental keywords – just one dentist(!) – then it will happen much faster and easier with an Adelaide dentist. SEO has proven to be a breeze in Australia’s smaller cities – and that breeze can blow a fortune your way.

And if there’s any extra dimension that might appeal to you, it’s that your dental marketing will be done by a digital director who went to both Salisbury College and Adelaide University, back in the 1980s. It’s been a long journey back to the town where Paul Kelly lamented the streets are so wide, everybody’s inside. Which is more than fine if their “inside” is inside your dental clinic.

When we wandered the streets of Campbelltown, Dernancourt, Payneham, Athelstone, Glenelg and North Adelaide, we were just embryonic beings who were yet to achieve the SEO glory of ranking the fine legal team of for a wide variety of excellent compensation lawyer terms – easy done in Adelaide – not when every corporate legal company wants to rank in Adelaide too. What we achieved on the smell of a greasy rag was to outpoint the greasiest lawyers in the country.

Adelaide memories … ah the hot chocolate at the Left Bank cafe, falafel rolls in Hindley Street, poppyseed rolls from the Adelaide market, driving up to Sky above Norwood or the top of Mount Lofty on a misty morning. Only a couple of them will give you dental cavities, and from here that’s where all our destinies lie.