Good health helps the community thrive, but the past two years have been challenging for industry players. The global COVID19 pandemic disrupted access and provision of medical services. But, things are brighter now after going through a tricky and uncertain time in our lives. With its more than 200 members, FDI World Dental Federation did not relent on the objective of offering quality dental services to patients. During the period, there were positive developments in oral health.

As stakeholders in the medical field set up strategies for providing care to those who need it, FDI played a role in having oral health plans. It was necessary to adopt service delivery to suit the existing conditions. The resolutions were instrumental in making even a general dental check-up and clean more available globally. In the next section, we will look at the positive developments and the role of global partners in the oral health sector.

Adoption of Technology

Dental clinics and other medical facilities found it challenging to reach patients during the pandemic. However, digitizing the systems would ensure they can target people via the internet and offer virtual dental services. Apart from addressing the immediate issue, adopting technology will help in the future when the world is facing a similar crisis.

The dissemination of medical ideology via commercial channels is beneficial to medical practitioners and the public. A dentist can learn more about their practice and the industry trends to ensure safe and effective service delivery. On the other hand, digital media platforms offer the best avenue to educate the public on oral health. Billions of people use the internet. The strategy saved businesses a lot of money by creating dental health awareness.

Public Health

In 2021 FDI undertook public health projects to sensitize people on dental health practices. The dental antibiotic stewardship program would ensure safety in prescribing medications to cure infections. Continuation of school programmes on oral health reached thousands of children from developing countries. It educates children on the best practices to share with their peers and other members of society.

Due to the risk of dentists in providing their services amidst the risk of infections, FDI initiated a program for health and safety in the dental workplace. The campaigns work towards helping the practitioners take the necessary cautions to avoid infections. At the same time, offering valuable resources on the right tools

Data Use

Data is a game-changer in every industry, and FDI is helping members embrace the approach in their practices. Through data collection and analysis, dentists can know more about their patients and customize services depending on a  person’s specific needs. The information improved treatment and safety in dental procedures.

Sustainability Programs

Since the global pandemic brought unprecedented economic implications, clinics need to evaluate their processes to survive in the market. Stakeholders benefited from workshops to educate the players on sustainable dentistry projects. It looks at the environmental impact of dental practices while offering practical solutions that cover the entire supply chain.


The oral health industry had many positive developments in the past year, and we can look out for more this year.