Dentistry is a very entrepreneurial industry. In fact, three out of four practitioners are self-employed. That could be because they prefer being their own boss. Being a cosmetic dentist in sunny Brisbane, it’s easy to smile. While dentistry is an interesting career, it is also quite challenging, especially if you choose a private practice. That’s because running a dental practice is hard work, and it is something that dentists are not usually trained for.

Studies show that the suicide rate among dentists is more than twice the rate of the general population.  Dentists’ suicide rate is also almost three times higher than that of other white-collar jobs. Some of the other factors that could be causing stress among dentists include:

  • Confinement: many dentists spend their lives confined in their small offices, which are sometimes windowless.
  • Stress of perfection: the persistent pursuit of perfection.
  • Isolation: most dentists practice alone, so they lack the opportunity to share and solve problems with their colleagues. This is why dentists need to share the point and purpose with their peers.
  • Economic pressure: particularly among new dentists who are still struggling to pay off huge loans to cover the cost of dental school and even the cost of setting up a private practice.

As always, there is a light at the end of the tunnels and there are plenty of ways dentists can find happiness in their career and practice.

How dentists can find their happiness

Happiness is something you can choose to be or not, and this goes for your career in dentistry. If you are not happy where you are, you can do something about it. While it requires a bit of effort, the payoff is worth it.

But for dentists to be happy in their career and practice, they need to find what motivates them or their why. Knowing your WHY can help you get the results you are anticipating in life. If you don’t know your WHY, you will experience burnout quickly, and your passion will easily fade.

As a dentist, if you are waking up every morning and dreading your day in the practice, then definitely, something needs to change. You can either look for a new place of employment or change the environment within your current location of work. These two options aren’t easier. But it is best to do everything you can to change what is making you feel unhappy in your practice or career.

Maybe it is a personality conflict you have with someone in the practice. It could be a personality conflict you have with someone in the practice, such as the hygienist, another dentist, assistant, or someone at the front desk. Whatever issue or whoever it is, it needs to be resolved so that your personal happiness won’t be compromised in any way.

Asking clients for their feedback regularly is also another incredible way that dentists can stay happy in their practice and career. Receiving feedback about their work can provide the dentists positive reinforcement that can make them feel valued, happier, and fulfilled in their career and practice.