Straight and pure white teeth are associated with cleanliness and beauty while bad teeth are associated with poor hygiene. Since ancient times, people have had various beliefs about dental and most of them still hold a place in the present times. Many people have poor dental health because of believing in various myths and superstitions. It is vital that you debunk all the myths that harm your dental health. There are many dentists who promote mindfulness and awareness to ensure people maintain good oral health. Below is teeth superstitions and myths worth repudiation.

  1. Sugar is the Leading Cause of Tooth Decay

This is one of the major myths that you will come across. Most people believe that most tooth decay cases are a result of eating sugary things. Although sugar can be one of the causes, tooth decay comes as a result of poor dental health. Lack of brushing your teeth after meals leads to the accumulation of bacteria and fungi harmful to your teeth. You can look at dental news that has integrity to learn more about various causes of tooth decay.

  1. Flossing Creates Spaces and Gaps

Some people think putting pins between teeth or flossing leaves spaces and gaps. Don’t worry. This is just a myth. Flossing removes the plague attach between your teeth, preventing decay. Flossing doe not create gaps. The only thing you may experience is a little bleeding on your first day, which decreases with consistency and proper care.

  1. Baby Teeth are not Important

The fact that baby teeth fall out later is not reason enough not to care about them. The way you care for baby teeth sets a foundation for permanent teeth. Therefore, it is vital to apply proper dental care for baby teeth since they count.

  1. Dental Health Decline with Age

It is true your dental health may change with time. However, the extent depends on how you have been taking care of your teeth. There are many old people with healthy teeth. All you need is to adopt healthy habits like flossing, eating healthy food, and more. Healthy dental habits ensure your teeth remain firm and beautiful even in old age.

  1. Diet Soda Can’t Harm your Teeth

Diet soda does not have sugar. However, it does not mean that it’s safe for your teeth. Diet soda is acidic and causes erosion of your teeth enamel. Hence, your teeth become sensitive and might start decaying. Coffee, tea, and wine are other acidic beverages.

  1. Visit a Dentist Only When in Pain

This is a prevalent myth that you only need to visit a dentist when you have pain or start experiencing issues. the truth is, you need to visit the dentist to avoid experiencing pain and other issues. Dentists give you preventive measures and information that keep of dental issues like decay or toothache. Lack of dental checkups can deteriorate your dental health. So, whether you have a problem or not, it is advisable to see a dentist regularly.

  1. Dental Health Doesn’t Affect your Overall Health

You should not believe it when people say poor dental health affects the mouth only. In fact, the way you care for your teeth affects your holistic health. For example, if you have tooth decay, you may transfer some of the bacteria into the bloodstream, resulting in various complications.


Debunk the above myths and many more that you may hear about your dental health. The important thing is learning the truth about various facts. Your dental health is crucial. It affects your confidence and your overall health.