As a dentist, you spend your day attending to patients. For your practice to grow, you must attract and retain new clients to your firm.

But how do you do this? Well, through marketing.

Create a marketing strategy that works for your firm. The success of this strategy is dependent on your marketing medium. So, do you opt for social media marketing or print media marketing?

Well, print media has been around for centuries. Despite being around for so long, social marketing and management has overtaken print media. But why?

The reasons for this are diverse, they include minimal interactions, lower accessibility, costly and ineffective marketing. Here are the primary reasons why you should hire a social marketing agency to promote your dental practice.

  1. Quality Dental Information

Ranking your site on search engines is not easy. Google checks your content for originality and relevance to the person searching. A digital advertising company is aware of this and will optimize the content to educate a curious person on your expertise. With this, Google will direct these people to your site as it has an answer to their query.

For example, someone wants to whiten their teeth. The person searches for a specific term that your dental SEO company had researched and included on the content on your page. Google will refer this person to your site.

But that’s not enough. The site creates a first impression on this potential client. Be sure to educate them about their condition and the best treatment procedure. Doing so creates trust allowing them to patronize your clinic.

  1. Establish an Authoritative Brand Image

Advertising on social media helps you to become a leading authority in the industry. For instance, if you know that smile makeovers are good as a gallery format, then create educative content around this topic.

Use these strategies when sharing content with your potential customers:

  • Share recent dentistry technologies
  • Have educational articles on the procedures, possible risks, and necessary precautions
  • Showcase how you use technology to treat your patients
  • Share pictures of your team treating or communicating with a patient.
  1. SEO is Better than Advertising

Yes, you can spend a lot of money advertising your practice on print, radio, and Google AdWords. But many potential customers still consider this as inauthentic.

Ranking your website higher on search engines means more to your customers than getting a radio advert. The clients understand that you have invested a lot in content, and creating a user-friendly site and this is impressive.

Investing time and resources in dental SEO will yield resources for years. Trying to perform these tasks yourself can be challenging. Hire an agency to focus on marketing as you offer the best dental service.

  1. Helps You Target the Right Market

Successful digital marketing helps you target the right customer base. Monitor your social media accounts, blogs, and websites to decipher the content popular to your readers. Craft marketing content that resonates with what your potential customers want.


A normal dental clinic engages 10 people to treat over 1000 patients in a year. These are professionals and experts at what they do. In most cases, they don’t spend time looking for new clients to grow the practice. That’s not good!

Even worse, most dentists are not good at marketing. It’s therefore important for you and your firm to engage the service of a marketing agency to promote your business. It’s only through new clients that your business grows.