Brilliant Marketing Ideas For Orthodontists in 2022

To stay competitive, orthodontists should focus on marketing their business. Marketing is especially important due to the rise in popularity of at-home orthodontic care and the spread of COVID-19.

Effective marketing in orthodontics should take note of their core demographic, keep patients satisfied and get new patients to book in 2022.

• Be sure to know your audience and understand their problem

Get to know your audience and how you can help them in order to create powerful marketing messages.

StoryBrand framework helps you outline your experience, offering and services so the message leave with your audience through a simple and condensed narrative.

Top orthodontists across the country are using this framework to simplify their branding and connect with audiences. You can, too.

• The importance of having a memorable logo and tagline

In order to be successful in orthodontistry, you need a brand. A good way to differentiate yourself from other professionals is to take time and invest in your branding.

Learn how to craft a strong logo & tagline that will help you get new patients

The differentiator that you share in practice, whether it is through your words, images, videos, or design makes up your brand.

By using AI for word recognition, you will be able to create, relevant content that patients are likely to connect with.

• Update your website

Technology is changing so quickly that most marketing experts recommend updating your website every 5 years.

With these questions evaluate your website:

• What ideas have been tried to get new patients in previous years?
• Will my website feature high-quality photos of my staff and office?
• Does my website look professional?
• How to connect with and book an appointment quickly?
• Why bringing in new patients is so important to your orthodontic practice?

If you answered “no” to one or more of these questions, you may want to consider a website redesign.

• Optimise your website for SEO to get found by patients

Your website can and should be your #1 source of new patients. SEO (search engine optimization) is a critical part of this concept.

If you’re looking for an orthodontist, 70% of people will click on one of the top 5 suggestions in a dental search engine, and most people won’t go beyond the first page.

When ranking high in SERP, Google sends you more traffic and the chance to convert new patients. Optimize your site for SEO by following these practices to get closer to the first page.

• Advice on how to improve marketing and gain online bookings

Learn which orthodontic marketing ideas will help you get new patients in 2021

43% of patients book appointments after hours. If you don’t provide an online patient booking service, you are losing money.

31% of people would switch providers if offered online appointment scheduling

How online scheduling benefits both orthodontists and new patients

Improve efficiency by using AI that not only filters out unnecessary calls for your staff, but also engages with your customers and generates business opportunities.

Orthodontists’ Marketing Strategies: SEO, Digital Marketing & Social Marketing

Modern dental practices will typically use a patient scheduling system. One such program is NexHealth, which is both customizable and able to integrate with major practice management programs like Dentrix, EagleSoft, OpenDental, and Curve Dental.

• 3 Easy Ways Orthodontists Can Determine If a Potential Patient is a Good Fit
To ease the decision-making process and help your patient feel confident booking an appointment, provide clear, easy-to-understand steps to treatment. You can create the necessary content with a three step process with a traditional dentist or an orthodontist.

Here are some exemplary orthodontist websites that outline the processes and what to expect from new patients.

Central Coast Orthodontics
• My Two Front Ideas

7. Outline COVID-19 safety procedures

Make sure patients know your precautions in the COVID-19 pandemic. Updating procedure processes and other measures, develop a plan to ensure this is easy for your patients.

Sharing information on all of your safety changes will increase customer trust and help you stand out from other practices.

• Many orthodontic clinics offers free consultations

Questions when getting braces or clear aligners

• Is orthodontic treatment right for me?
• Should I get braces or clear aligners for myself?
• When should orthodontic treatment start?
• How much does orthodontic marketing cost?
• What can orthodontists do to get the most new patients next year?
• Will it change me?
• What’s wrong with have direct-mail aligners?
Your orthodontic practice needs to offer a free consultation as a compelling call-to lesson new patients. With so many questions and fears, it’s difficult to focus on your website alone. Following this strategy will help with the appeal of your office, or you may want to try one of the many other marketing ideas that are available.

• Consider new advertising techniques

A long-term strategy is to continue using telehealth options in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. With this strategy, you can serve your patients, despite their virtual location. Orthodontists are choosing virtual consults as a future-proof option, because they offer some of the same benefits and provide flexibility to patients with mobility issues who may not be able to come in for an in-person appointment.

Offering virtual consults as an alternative to in person appointments is more cost-effective and does not compromise on quality.

• Include pricing on your website

Historically, most orthodontic providers have been reluctant to list pricing on their website as well as on Google Ads. However, research shows that this trend is changing and dental websites are providing more pricing options for services like clear aligners.

Showing your prices will set you apart from your competition, and also put the patient at ease. This is because they can expect to know what they would be paying.

• Add a live chat option as a way to build customer loyalty

Online chat services allow the potential patients to send quick questions about a practice and their healthcare, cutting down on phone calls and in-office appointments.

Your chat software should be HIPAA compliant to make sure that the data you collect is safely stored.

• Gather more patient reviews

Read reviews that emphasize how orthodontic practices were able to significantly increase their clientele

Use these marketing ideas to get new patients at your orthodontic clinic

Why you need to care about the rating an orthodontist gets on review sites like Yelp and Houzz

Here are some ways to combat negative reviews and maintain growth

Make sure to actively solicit reviews from your satisfied patients, and maintain a steady flow of feedback.

To automate this process and ensure good reviews, we recommend using a reputation management system.

• How to find new patients through video testimonials

Your website visitors are most likely to be convinced of your product if they see video testimonials from happy patients. So, don’t overlook the value of these testimonials, as you could lose billions.

Get a first look at the videos shared by Sunbury Dentists.

Now more than ever, it is crucial to get new patients …

Your readers are 40x more likely to share your video on social media rather than a regular blog post. This is related to the fact that visitors stay at your site an average of 2 minutes longer after clicking on a video.

Video reviews are created on any budget. You can produce a professional video with a large budget, or shoot the testimonial yourself with minimal resources.

Orthodontists from across the US show their testimonials in video format.

• Serrano Orthodontics
• Dunn Orthodontics
• Rucker Orthodontics

• Add your orthodontic practice to Google Maps

If you aren’t on Google Maps, there’s a chance your business won’t show up in search results. This is why it’s important to list your practice on Google Maps.

Here are the six steps to adding your clinic on Google Maps.

• Create a marketing campaign to support your paid advertising

Create a digital marketing strategy. Run both Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

You want your practice to be in front of potential patients when they are most motivated. For Facebook, you should create a funnel with three campaign objectives designed to move someone through the process of booking an appointment with your practice. You should tailor your ad for each stage, with one goal being to raise awareness about your practice.

• Partner with a marketing company to handle your orthodontic marketing

If you need orthodontic marketing strategies implemented but lack the time and expertise to do it yourself, partnering with an orthodontic marketing company offers many benefits. You can usually find a company in your local area whether that be Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, The Gold Coast, Geelong, Darwin, Canberra or Parramatta. Orthodontic and general dental marketing companies use proven strategies that help guide your dental practice in new directions.

How orthodontics marketing can free up your time.

An entire team of marketing professionals.

How orthodontists use Content Maximiser’s marketing to get new patients.

The best marketing strategy is working with a marketing company.