Mosman dental patients want the best, that goes without saying – however the irony is that Mosman dentists often have their clinics in small, pokey old buildings which may have historical charm, but they can’t claim they achieve luxury via spaciousness.

So often people ascertain luxury by superficial values: the appearance of things. Surely in a medical activity as intimate as someone poking around in your oral cavity, the luxury of the person doing this invasive task should be the number one priority. Is the dentist or orthodontist a professional with 20-40 years experience, who gives her or his heart and soul to the dental arts, and who makes you feel a million dollars because he or she tells some funny jokes, or makes some spontaneous quips which shows she or he is alert and fully engaged, lets you confide in them, or shows you their collection of ancient Egyptian spoons?

Yes, that’s the human luxury, and you won’t mind if they are in a cramped Mosman dental clinic, or an expansive Penrith state of the art medical centre, because in your eyes they’re the best. You often hear yourself say to other people, “my dentist is the best in Sydney”. You don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re sounding like one of those narcissistic conspiracy theory nutcases who feels qualified to make medical claims on Facebook posts and even dumber, in the comments section, but you feel confident when you say it. And confidence is still sexy, even in 2020 when being politically correct means one is not allowed to say the word “sexy” in public unless you’re a lesbian at a nude Sistahood dance on a secluded Sydney Harbour beach.

So when a dentist wants to rank for the term “luxury dentist sydney” or “aesthetic dentist melbourne”, then of course they turn to an SEO provider and hope they get a good one. How do you find a good one? Luck. Word of mouth is your best chance.

Of course a dental clinic with a massive, great and shiny reception desk, with 3-5 aesthetically appealing staff attentive to their patients’ every whim – this is the starting point for an impression of luxury. From there one waltzes through their steely clean clinic doors into the treatment rooms, where the plushest upon most-plush dental chairs awaits your regal behind, and as the softness of your overly-pampered derriere sinks into their immaculately cushioned throne, you do not suffer dental anxiety as you catch a glimpse of their flashing dental incisors, because they’re so sharp and magnificent that you know they’ve been tailor-made to cut into your gums with the maximum of efficiency, perfectly on target for the minimum cut.

Contrast this with the remarkable emergence of the Dental 99 company, who offer a range of treatments for $99 – they’re proving extremely popular. Yes they have a waiting room, but no reception desk, and no receptionist. The dentists they employ, who are in fact rich in the luxury of friendliness, they are your dental receptionist, they are your dentist and orthodontist, and in some cases they may even be your dental nurse. This is the epitome of dental affordability. Cheap and cheerful, now let’s have a look at that tooth.