Invisalign could be defined as an excellent system for acquiring straight teeth comfortably, quickly, and discreetly than putting on the braces. Following the below-mentioned guidelines throughout the procedure and beyond ensures the best possible outcome.

Key Takeaway – Maintaining Great Teeth is a Great Responsibility

The convenience and flexibility Invisalign provides you a double-edged sword – having aligners is just like having different teeth set to take proper care of. Not only must you maintain exceptional oral hygiene, but you also must visit a dentist more frequently.

Caring for the Aligners

According to the professionals working for the top dental clinics who promote Invisalign aftercare as a unique benefit, the biggest advantage of Invisalign is the fact that they are transparent, so no one will be able to tell you are wearing them.

Neglect to care for the aligners, and this would not be a case, unfortunately. The aligners will become stained and accumulate bacteria, which results in obnoxious odor and an overall metallic taste in the mouth.


Every morning after you wake up and every night before going to bed, you must thoroughly clean the tray with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Normal toothbrushes may scratch them. You can use a tad antibacterial cleanser to clean further and finish by rinsing the aligners with lukewarm water. Do not apply toothpaste since it is excessively abrasive.

Of course, during these times, you will also be brushing and flossing your natural teeth. Wearing the aligners on top of teeth full of debris and food particles can cause cavities and other types of dental disorders. Regular brushing is specifically significant with Invisalign, probably because the trays stop saliva production.


Rinse the aligners with lukewarm water every time you extract them out. If you are not soaking them, make sure to put them inside a case. Leaving them in the open air triggers bacterial growth to a great extent.


Soak the aligners in a cleanser to keep them in an optimum shape. Invisalign has its own cleaning system. You have to toss the specialized cleaning crystals for cleaning the trays. But as the entire system and the crystal replacements are a little pricey, you can purchase a denture cleaner instead. Anyway, after soaking, brush the aligners with a soft toothbrush and rinse before prior to wearing them again.


If dentists ever embrace TikTok, then humanity has truly lost it because they are responsible for taking care of human teeth, not to entertain, though some do both adeptly. Coming back to Invisalign, the only one thing you can consume after wearing the trays is water. Drinks you must avoid are as follows:

  • Tea
  • Beer and Wine
  • Coffee
  • Juice
  • Soda
  • Sparkling or carbonated water
  • Milk

Invisalign treatments last for about 18 months. Each patient is different. But a typical schedule for the aligners calls for round-the-clock wear and tear for the first couple of months.

When the treatment is over, the patients have to switch back to retainers for a particular time period to prevent the teeth from shifting back to the original positions. Eventually, the patients have to wear a retainer every night and then five nights a week indefinitely.