Invisalign could be defined as an appliance used for specialized orthodontic treatment. Also known as clear aligner, it aims to straighten the teeth and fix an uneven bite. Although not painful, Invisalign exerts pressure causing discomfort for a few days.

A large number of modern-day dentists enhanced their income by introducing Invisalign to their practice. The following write-up specifies the major strategies that helped them. Please check it out right now.

1. Establish an Invisalign Culture in the Office

Invisalign fails to achieve the momentum because of doctor fear, absence of employee engagement, and poor culture. The big word – CHANGE – is enough to scare the dentists and their team members. When a new appliance is incorporated, instead of being exhilarated, they delve in the heels and resist doing what it takes.

The first strategy must be the first goal towards a successful Invisalign practice. You must work hard to create interest in the staff. After all, they will be the ones helping to lead the change in the practice.

2. Develop a Plan

It is significant to have a plan in place with definite goals you wish to accomplish along with the dates within which you wish to accomplish them. Note down the goals on a piece of paper or your computer screen so you can measure them. What gets measured gets outcomes.

Start with coaching and training your team. Doing so can inform them of upcoming educational events and hold them accountable to your goals and find ways to get the cases started and completed in proper time frames to acquire the top tier status with Invisalign.

3. Open the Office During User Friendly Hours

Marketing with both social media and SEO is necessary but the patients will invest in Invisalign only if you agree to keep your office open during the hours they find convenient. Many moms are extremely busy running their children to practice and other events post school and appointments after school can be difficult for them. You will see a growth in the Invisalign practice if you can open your office on Saturdays.

4. Price Invisalign Same or At least Close to the Braces

Most patients choose braces and not Invisalign because the former is more affordable. Some doctors charge almost $2000 or more for Invisalign. Try to keep the price same or at least closer to the price of braces. Parents and adult patients will then readily accept this treatment.

5. Announce

This seems like a no brainer. Many offices promote Invisalign by spending tons of money on postcard mailings, Adwords campaign, and even billboards. They do not consider any other option.

If you have a conventional orthodontic practice, you must be targeting teens and kids. What about their mothers and grandmothers? They will come to know about Invisalign only if your reception area will reflect it.

Invisalign is as much a dental service as a product, and one can sell a product only if they have pig-headed determination and immense focus. Learning a brand-new technique is not easy. Implementing innovative systems is always met with challenges.

Anyway, all the great things take effort as well as discipline. To gain prosperity, stay relevant, and provide what the patients want or need, you must be confident with Invisalign.