None can deny that a dazzling smile is truly wonderful. However, despite laughing for at least eight to ten times a day, research showed that multiple individuals are conscious about their teeth but do not do much about oral hygiene.

About 57% of the entire global population hates the way their teeth look and try hiding them as much as possible. That being said, they only visit a dentist when it is absolutely necessary, or in other words, when a problem crops up.

Things are obviously changing. The market for cosmetic dentistry now costs $18.80 billion, but it is expected to reach a whopping $35.73 billion by 2025. The days of visiting a dental clinic and blindly doing as instructed are over. The humans are involved incredibly in every facet of their lives and appearances. They control each decision that impacts their beauty and health.

Instagram-Worthy Smile

When it comes to teeth, you naturally have immensely high expectations. Since the current trend is for shockingly white and super straight teeth, which is by the way driven by the social media, you will find cosmetic dentist clinics in chic inner-city Melbourne and other locations.

People wish to look like they have been filtered. There are plenty Instagram filters that can make your lips look plumper, nose smaller, and teeth shinier and bigger. The people are so much habituated to see this particular version of themselves that they wish to look like that in real-life, but it is not unfortunately achievable.

It is because of this reason that Instagram declared to remove all the AR (augmented reality) filters having plastic surgery effects. Whether or not this initiative has any impact on how the people, specifically young as well as impressionable adults, is still not evident.

Top Cosmetic Trends

People are still selecting fixed braces – they sit right behind the teeth. They are discreet, but the disadvantage is that they are pricey and can cut up the tongue.

Cosmetic dentistry has acquired recognition as a fashion accessory because Invisalign straightens out the teeth if you agree to wear it for 22 hours a day. Invisalign utilizes iTero, a technology that tests the teeth and shows with a couple of seconds what the outcome will be at the end of the procedure.

Imaging technology is set to modify the orthodontics industry. Your smile is not static, so you need to ensure you are thinking about what your smile looks like when you are talking, moving, laughing, etc.

Look Out for the Natural Alternatives

Like most of the health and beauty sectors, oral care is experiencing the tremendous impact of consumers looking for organic and natural products. You will be buying the service on a Shopify website or any online platform of your choice.

Unlike the skincare regimen, your at-home oral routine cannot really benefit from the natural products. Charcoal toothpaste, for instance, must be avoided under all circumstances. Charcoal may be able to counteract the dangerous effects of poison, but it should not be applied on the teeth.

Charcoal is excessively abrasive and can strip away the enamel, damaging the teeth and the fillings. It is too hard to remove or scrub away. Unfortunately, it is a complete waste of money.

Bottom Line

Cosmetic dentistry does so much more than make the teeth appealing. It looks at strategies to mobilize the teeth’ stem cells for repairing damages and regenerating tissues. That is surely something you can smile about.