Considering the latest industry, the orthodontic business in the USA is likely to grow by 10%. This rise is partly because of booming access to health care facilities and technological changes. The elderly inhabitants are also a key driving force for this growth.

It is evident that people over the age of 50 are more vulnerable to the risk of tooth decay than those under 18 years old.  The rise in higher income also leads to better accessibility to the latest care from orthodontists.

This post talks about the emerging orthodontic trends to be followed in 2022 and 2023.

  • More and More Products Focusing on Teeth Whitening

Whether it is the focus on social media or constant visibility, there has been an added emphasis on treating white teeth. It is even more common for those with retainers. According to a recent study, the teeth whitening market has the potential to grow by 840 million between 2020 and 2023.

Patients are even using foaming products or gel that can be applied directly to the teeth and products for a brighter smile. Non-UV Blue light therapy is also very beneficial in eliminating tannic stains from coffee, tea and wine.

  • 3D Technology Will Be More Common

With the tremendous rise in the widespread use of 3D printers, technology will have a massive impact on orthodontic treatment and the assumed time for these orthodontic treatments. One of the most effective examples is 3D printed models for the patients to visualise how their teeth will appear after the completion of the treatment. 3D printing is very effective in creating precise appliances and models that enhance orthodontic treatment efficiency.

  • Patients With Mild to Moderate Aligner Cases

More and more patients are asking for alignment from their orthodontists to tune up slight teeth misalignment, especially for those who used to wear braces when they were younger. Adults are looking for adjustments in the teen-dominated market.

This makes up over 27% of cases considered AAO study. Clear aligner kits offer people more affordable options for minor tune-ups with orthodontists and make them feel more confident about their smiles. Nowadays also, there’s always a place for ceramic braces in any clinic’s treatment options. And people are using it to the fullest to get the best possible treatment.

  • There Will Be More Private Practices for Orthodontics

The establishment of more self-owned orthodontic facilities is more likely to surge advancement in the industry, and it is because more and more people will have accessibility to orthodontic care. As per the current review, more than half of all orthodontics in the USA have their practices. Along with lesser expenses compared to other dentistry fields, it is no surprise that more people are selecting orthodontics as their profession.

Along with this, another trend is doing much better online marketing than ever before for orthodontists. The professionals are using the power of social media and marketing strategies to drive more and more clients to their private practices.

Please feel free to share your insights regarding the discussion below in the comment section. You can also share other modern advancements in the orthodontic industry to be seen in 2022 and 2023.