Death is one of the most dreaded experiences doctors and family members go through. It is a lose-lose situation. In the dental industry, the situation is somehow different since deaths are rare. According to NCBI resources, in the 1950s, dentists lost on average three patients per 1000000 people. These figures have reduced by more than a half as we are speaking of right now.

However slim the chances of dying in the dentist’s hands are, you should not assume that it cannot happen to anybody close to you. In that case, you will need someone to comfort you through the situation and perhaps reduce the anxiety.A dentist who has empathy can help address your anxiety resulting from the death of your loved one.

Having said that, let us look into dental treatments which are most dangerous.

Root canal treatments

Root canal treatments are essential to save your tooth from advanced infections. But the process is long, painful, and at times dangerous. On average, root canal treatment will last more than an hour.

With advanced technology, root canal treatment seems to be safe, but the hanging cloud of death has not yet disappeared. According to the Chicago Tribunal, Christopher Schutzius, 17, died after undergoing root canal surgery. The teen died of sepsis, a toxic infection that might have been caused by root canal surgery.

Silver Fillings and Toxic

Known for their alluring shine, strength, and durability, silver fillings have been on the dentists’ radar for quite some time. Nonetheless, people are becoming wary of them due to the presence of mercury. Mercury is a heavy metal that is hazardous to the human body and may result in poisoning and long-term illnesses.

Other than being found in silver fillings, mercury is available in fish and vegetables grown in contaminated areas. This has detrimental effects on your gut and might be painful. To calm yourself, on how to improve your gut health, avoid contaminated foods and visit the doctor.

Dental X-rays

X-rays are an important tool to identify dental problems like tooth decay. During x-ray, ionized particles are channeled through your body to take an x-ray image.

As you might have heard, X-rays are dangerous. Prolonged exposure to them might cause dental cancer. This is a long-term disease that will result in death if not identified and treated early.

Fixing Dental Implants

Oral rehabilitation through the use of dental implants has greatly helped in salvaging depreciated teeth. If the process is done correctly, it is a huge success that will return the faded glamor on your face. The opposite, too, might occur and cause never-ending health problems and eventually death.

Death from implants might result from bleeding and infection. A good example is the case of a 62-year-old man that triggered research that is on the NCBI website. According to the information from the website, the death of the man in question was caused by bleeding in the neck region.

Bottom Line

Though death is rare in a dentist’s workshop, the above treatment forms may result in one. So, take care and hope everything will come out right next time you visit a dentist.