If you’re looking for information about dental clinics in the Darlinghurst area of Sydney, then rest assured: Darlinghurst is a trendy inner-eastern suburb in Sydney, Australia, and it’s home to several dental clinics. Here’s some general information on dental clinics in this area that might be relevant to your search:

Darlinghurst Dental: This is a well-known dental clinic in Darlinghurst. They offer a range of dental services, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontics.

The Dental Lounge: Located in Darlinghurst, The Dental Lounge is another popular dental clinic offering comprehensive dental care services.

Crown Street Dental Group: This dental practice is located on Crown Street in Darlinghurst and offers a variety of dental services, including preventive care and restorative treatments.

The Paddington Dentist: While not located in Darlinghurst itself, The Paddington Dentist is in the nearby suburb of Paddington and provides dental services to residents of Darlinghurst.

Smile Dental Team: This dental clinic offers a wide range of services, from general check-ups to more specialised treatments.

Sydney Dental Surgeons: Located nearby in Surry Hills, this dental practice caters to patients from Darlinghurst and the surrounding areas.

Dr Rebecca O’Sullivan: Rebecca has a caring and gentle approach to providing dental treatment and is excellent with children. She places a strong emphasis on prevention and regularly attends continuing education courses and advanced training programs in dental aesthetics (cosmetic dentistry), crown and bridge, and endodontics (root canal therapy). She has professional memberships with the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (RACDS).

Nota bene: the availability of services, dentists, and the exact details of each clinic may change over time. It’s a good idea to do a search on Google for dentists in Darlinghurst, check the most recent reviews, contact the clinics directly, and consider your specific dental needs when choosing a dentist in Darlinghurst or the surrounding Sydney inner East and Eastern suburbs such as Surry Hills, Paddington, Bondi, Vaucluse and Double Bay.