Don’t always agree to have your teeth removed because of a chip or a crack. You can save your teeth by either a crown or other dental fits. In fact, with the new CEREC technology, CEREC is short for Chairside Economical Restoration and Esthetic Ceramics; you can have your crown within the same day.

CEREC crowns save you time. You can walk in a hospital with your cracking tooth only to come out in a novel crown in just a few hours. These crowns have similar high quality to the common ones. The perk is their swift availability, unlike the others that might take several weeks for fixing.

Besides, they have become a demand from rushed corporate executives as one appointment is enough, saving them time and costs.

What Technology is CEREC?

CEREC uses Computer-aided design. For making crowns, it uses computer-aided manufacturing. Besides, it makes dental inlays and veneers in a single visit. First, CEREC evaluates the mouth, then records results after uploading them into a computer for fast and exact fitting crowns.

And with the advancing dental sector, CEREC utilizes modern materials to repair your tooth, after which it uploads your data. Then, the computer designs the dental fitting from ceramic and resins.

How are CEREC Crowns Placed?

Professional doctors don’t just begin fixing the crowns. They do some assessment to discern whether crowns are a proper fit for you. If you’re one, then there is the preparation of the tooth, then a scan is taken, and lastly, is the making of the crown.

Imagine, only after this short procedure then you got your dental crown! Obviously, swifter than the traditional one.

So, with CAD-CAM technology, it’s easy to achieve a perfect fit for your crowns. This technology ensures they fit flawlessly. Try even biting, you’ll still feel comfortable.

Pros of CEREC

With CEREC, the pros outweigh the cons CEREC allows:

  • your tooth functionality to restore immediately.
  • Risk prevention. CEREC saves you the ordeal of loose crowns as you wait for the right one, which might cause injuries.
  • You to save on costs by cutting down the number of visits to get your crown.
  • comfortability from the perfect fit ceramics.
  • no suffering from tooth decay. Temporary crowns might effortlessly come off. It allows germs to enter your tooth and cause decay. But, you’ll never suffer this with same-day CEREC crowns.

Cons of CEREC

CEREC has a few disadvantages CEREC:

  • materials aren’t durable as the traditional ones. CEREC uses several ceramics, while the traditional ones use porcelain fused to metal crowns making them stronger.
  • Are prone to fracture. Its camera can’t capture fractures below the gum line as the traditional crowning would.

Are you a busy person? Do you have fractures in your teeth and lack a better plan for them? CEREC same-day crowns will save you a great deal. CEREC is swift, without any complications. Though there are some slight misses in its execution, you’ll never go wrong choosing on them.