Technology advancement in dental implant materials allows dental patients to replace their missing teeth with fewer implants. Instead of a single implant for each missing tooth, replacing missing teeth with only four implants is now possible. The implants are properly angled to ensure they are stable. These are known as Alll-on-4 implants. Here are reasons to explore more.

  1. Four Implants for all Teeth

One of the main benefits of All-on-4 implants is that you only need four implants for all the missing teeth. However, for this method to be applicable, the missing teeth must be on the same arch. In short, it brings the possibility of replacing all teeth on just 4 implants. This is unlike the procedures in the past, where you needed a single implant for every tooth you have lost. It is important to note that replacing the teeth with only four implants is quick, less costly and painful.

  1. No Bone Grafting

One effect of not replacing missing teeth is bone loss. The jawbone continues deteriorating due to the lack of stimulation from chewing pressure. With the traditional dental implant installation procedure, a patient must undergo bone grafting to ensure room for the implants before the surgery. This may take several months before the process is complete. The good thing about the All-on-4 method is that there is no need for the lengthy and costly process of bone grafting. The implants are inserted at a specific angle rather than vertically to ensure enough room for more stability. Therefore, the All-on-4 procedure may be the best option if you have jawbone loss.

  1. Less Time-Consuming

Another great reason to explore the All-on-4 method is that it is not time-consuming. As mentioned, the traditional implant attachment procedure takes several months, especially if you are missing several teeth or require bone grafting. In fact, you might have to wait for more than six months. On the other hand, the All-on-4 procedure is quick. You can get a full set of teeth in a single visit. This is because no bone grafting is required, even in the case of bone loss.

Furthermore, you only need four implants to replace all the missing teeth in the same arch. In short, whether you need to replace four or ten teeth, you only need four implants to fill the gap. It requires a few hours because there is no need for surgery, and the time you need to visit the dentist to fabricate the restoration is short.

  1. Economical

Because only four implants will be replaced, the cost is lower than getting standard dental implants. The dentist will only need to evaluate your condition and count the number of missing teeth. They will then fabricate the restoration to ensure the entire gap is covered. Additionally, the dentist makes new teeth from materials like porcelain to give them a natural look.


All-on-4 dental implants are more natural-looking. They provide the perfect option for people who wish to replace missing teeth. Consult with your dentist if you are a good candidate for the procedure by going for an evaluation. A successful procedure will improve your quality of life. You can eat, smile and live comfortably without worrying about your dentures falling off.