You may not be aware of the latest fashion trends, but as a dentist, oral surgeon, periodontologist, and orthodontist also want to expand their business on social media so here is the best trend you need to know the top dental marketing trends there is. Are you trying to compete with other local dental practices? Patients, do they offer more beauty services, or do they offer all of the above? Incorporating these dental marketing trends into your marketing plan will thrive your practice. Even small regional towns have a cosmetic dentist

Top dental marketing trends

1. Active presence on social networks

Social media is going nowhere. If anything, it’s only evolving and expanding with ads, live video services, and more. While it is important for all industries to maintain a social media presence, it is especially vital for doctors and dentists. You can take an example from the best-looking website in your field then you will get idea how to promote your business on social media. In the last year, we have seen many more dentists taking to Instagram to find and retain patients. it’s where your patients spend their time.

2. Live video

Video marketing has been a consumer-preferred marketing medium for a while now, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. As video becomes more mainstream, companies that are not implementing a video strategy are starting to stand out as outdated. In short, you must have a solid video marketing strategy If you don’t, you’re way behind that dental marketing trend curve.

3. Original customer photos, videos, and testimonials

Stock photography can only take you so far. Fortunately for you, many dentists and oral surgeons use sterile images that look more like advertisements than an intimate and authentic representation of their practices. it gives you the opportunity to excel by posting original photos, videos, and testimonials.

4. Mobile responsive website design

Mobile is also where most current customers will discover your website and book their appointment. Unfortunately, many dentists are still stuck in the year 2000, when patients called or used their desks to make an appointment. Make sure to polish your website ASAP if it is outdated. Focus on a better user experience and a seamless design with mobile responsiveness.

5. Email Marketing and SMS

Email marketing is one of the most reasonable marketing tactics, especially for dentists. Plus, it also offers some of the best ROIs, boosting your website traffic, reducing no-shows, and causing patients to skip to schedule a new appointment. If you are on a limited budget, we suggest that you use a service like MailChimp to send monthly or biweekly emails to your patient base and emails that link to relevant blog posts, company announcements, or specials for services like cleaning, teeth whitening. or oral cosmetic procedures.

6. SEO

SEO is necessary for dentists and dental surgeons. Search engine optimization allows your practice to appear at the top of search results when a patient searches for relevant information. If you’ve never worked on your website SEO, know the criteria that indicate you need an SEO audit. If you choose the DIY SEO optimization approach, here are some tools to help you rank for organic search.